Representative Natsuhiko Yuasa

Frontend Engineer/Web Director/EC Consultant

Started his career as an assistant designer at an advertising production company. While engaging in DTP such as posters, leaflets, and newspaper advertisements, I was in charge of web design work because I was young.

I have been interested in the web industry since I was a student studying industrial design.

Aspiring to specialize in web production, joined PlusD Co., Ltd. in 2010 as a web director. Realize the severity of web production on the front line. Wanting to be involved in the web within a business company rather than outsourced production, engaged in the maintenance of a reservation system for members at a yoga and pilates management company, and the operation of a mail-order site at a fastener sales agent.

As a result of repeatedly changing jobs while focusing on the web, he learned the fun of EC (Internet shopping) and joined Never Say Never Co., Ltd. in 2013 as a web coder. Expanded the scope of work from web coders to front-end engineers, such as transferring from EC site management and maintenance at EC CUBE to FutureShop2 and building new sites at Shopify. At the same time, by experiencing the construction and operation consulting of other companies' mail order sites, he wanted to work in a way that was not limited to his own company, and became independent as a freelancer in 2018.

In 2020, WhiteBear Co., Ltd. was established. Based on my own experience, I will work with mail-order business operators to discover the joys and pains of running a mail-order site and the joy of being able to do things that cannot be done. As a mission, we provide EC site construction and operation support that is not the end of creation.