what we do

Building a mail-order site

EC (mail order) site construction using major domestic platforms
We provide one-stop support after opening, such as interviews, requirement definitions, design proposals, and construction of operational flow.

Management agency of mail-order site

We will support you as an immediate force in the field in various cases such as temporary staff shortages due to business expansion, job change or job separation.
We also propose new improvements and streamline operations.

Site analysis and improvement

We will create a concrete action plan that leads to improvement from site analysis
We will propose an improvement flow that can be run by the person in charge at the site of operation

Web advertising agency

We will negotiate with the agency as your own advertising contact, not as a substitute for the advertising agency.
Ultimately, we will help mail-order businesses until they can run their own advertisements.

Other Web/EC related things

Corporate site construction / renewal, printed matter design, video editing and
Logistics consulting, purchasing/OEM, product planning, branding, etc.
Please feel free to contact us.